About Us

Domex has been trusted supplier to the Indian printing industry for more than a decade. Our business model is to make available raw materials, machines and technology from leading companies in Europe, USA and other countries with local stocks and service support.

Based in India's commercial capital of Mumbai we are known in the industry for our regular supplies, quality products and customer service.

For the field of doming we are the leading company in India supplying raw materials and machines covering more than 90% of the local market. Besides doming we also supply innovative emblem making technologies from Color Dec, Italy like Ecodomes, Floating Graphics & HD Embroidery for India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. Born from the same machine but different processes these technologies are used for emblem making with applications in Automotive, White goods, Packaging, Textiles covering a huge range of applications. We represent important brands like Henkel, Germany for their electronic range of inks and Norcote USA for screen printable UV inks for various applications.

We are also the first in India and maybe the sole stockiest and suppliers of raw materials and technology to make Electroluminescent lamps. This exciting technology enables a screen printer to make thin flexible lamps of thickness 0.1mm and has varied applications from signage to industrial. We give complete customer support in El. technology starting from the process to the raw materials, machines and the inverters. Team Domex has a vision of continuously offering latest printing technologies and excellence in quality enabling customers to thrive.