Doming is a casting process of giving a thick crystal clear and high gloss layer to the base substrate. This crystal clear coating gives a 3D dimension to the product which not only enhances the appearance of the product but also gives it a scratch proof protection.

Domex represents Color Dec Italy for its range of PU Doming chemicals and Automatic doming machines. We have doming chemicals and dispensing machines to suit every need be it a small start up or a big production. Domex grants the on-site equipment’s installation, followed by the necessary start-up activities, the training of the operators in order to obtain the optimum level of productivity.


For small scale production :-

For medium scale production:-

Technical Features :
Movable working table dimensions 460mm x 360mm
One axis movement for regular shaped labels
Mechanical control of resin dispensing
Metering group ratio 100:100 with single acting cylinders
Total working area dimensions 550mm x 480mm
Semi–automatic washing system with 2:1 pump included
Instructions on operating system on CD-ROM
Machine basement included
CE approved machine

Resin coating machine easy to use with compact dimensions
Limited investment costs
Low maintenance required
No electrical power supply needed
Integrated Degassing System with 15L total capacity
Range of different distribution head settings included

For large scale and XY letter production:-
Technical Features:
Vacuum working table dimensions 500x400mm
Stainless Steel external Degassing System with 2 tanks, 58L total capacity
Ratio 100:100
DomesXYW Software to create machine dispensing paths included
Automatic washing system with washing liquid circuit
Emergency washing possible even in case of black out
Humidity and room temperature indicator
Power supply: 230V, 50Hz, 10A
Pneumatic supply: 6-8 bar, 100 liters reserve
CE approved machine

Automatic three axes equipment
High pressure double acting metering group
Stainless steel external Degassing System with 2 tanks, 58L total capacity
High productivity with regular shaped labels
Welded and solid steel frame, stable and vibration-free working station
Production of labels with regular and complex shape, including writings
Vacuum table
Wide Range of accessories and different distribution head settings included
Wide range of resin types available