Electroluminscent Technology

Electroluminescent lamps are made by screen printing and Domex provides the know-how, the complete set of raw materials and inverters for the same.

The advantages EL technology has :-
  • Thin, soft and flexible from0.08 mm to 0.5 mm (photo if possible)
  • Cool and non-glare lighting, has good visibility in FOG
  • Has 160 degree of broad eyesight
  • High resolution
  • Luminosity is independent against temperature
  • Uniform surface illumination
  • Vibration and impact resistance
  • Low power consumption (actual power consumption less than Led)
  • Colourful, animated
  • Cut with any shape available

El. lamps has applications in Signage posters, tshirts, caps and is also an excellent choice for backlighting for industrial and commercial applications.