Conductive inks from Henkel

Countless devices rely on printed electronics technologies for function, form and flexibility. Domex represents important brands in this sector and has a broad portfolio of silver, carbon, dielectric and clear conductive inks.

They are also used in the manufacture of:
• Flexible circuits for membrane touch switches
• Keyboards for desktop and notebook PCs
• Heating elements
• Automotive sensors
• Biosensors, EKG/ECG electrodes, TENS pads and Iontophoresis pads
• Antennas for contactless smart cards and RFID labels
• • Touch screens
• • Lighting
• • Printed circuit boards and potentiometers
• Household appliances

Like most things in electronics, the majority of applications that incorporate printed electronics are getting finer in dimension and more complex in functionality. Henkel’s ability to formulate inks that address the demands of fine- line printing, while maintaining robust conductive and other functional properties, sets us apart from the competition, and has led to technology leadership within our comprehensive portfolio of inks for printed electronics.